Based on my own regulation on a year now so I hereby declare as the owner of the blog:

1.  This blog is a personal blog that contain opinion or personal opinion and not related directly or indirectly to any firm or instasi.

2.  This blog is not meant to show something good writing, drawing and the like that connoted with all forms of porn, hatred against people or groups of people, things that are provocative and threatening sara national unity.

3.  This blog is permitted to comment in the form of praise, insults and calumny, but I am not responsible for all the comments with all that stuff that was written by a reader. So please the visitors are responsible for each of the comments given. And if there are comments that offend others, then I, if able, and willing, to help to show who gave the comment.

4.  For those readers who do not agree with what is written in my blog, welcome to pour disapproval, object, feeling offended, calumny, insults and anger with accordingly. But I really hope the maturity of thought, speech and action to address disagreements with discussion and communication of male and female.

5.  If my blog a quote or references from other sources, it is merely to facilitate the presentation of writing and I am not responsible for the content of these quotes and remain the responsibility of the sources I quoted it.

What I'm posting is not necessarily true, and that my post is not necessarily true.

Thank you, for their willingness to read this statement. Actually, I'm lazy to read back!



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